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Everything you wanted to know about Git but weren't nerdy enough to ask

If you are unfamiliar with Git, some background may help introduce the relevant terminology before reading one of the many Git tutorials online.

Segregating Android Phone Models between Docker Containers

We wanted to move our Android device tests to a Linux host: it’s cheaper hardware, and we find that our Mac Mini build machines tend to fumble Android USB connections, making phones mysteriously vanish in the middle of a test run. We mostly use Docker containers to manage our Linux…

Parallel Calabash Testing on iOS

We want our users to have the same experience of Badoo on mobile regardless of which platform they run, so we have a battery of 450 Cucumber tests and growing that we run against all platforms: Android, iOS, and mobile web (we’re working to add Windows). These 450 tests take…

JaCoCo coverage in Cucumber on Android

In an ideal world, all requirements would be specified clearly, comprehensive tests would be derived from those requirements, and the whole of the application would be tested. In practice, we’re only human.

Testing Android notifications in Calabash

It’s generally understood that Calabash can only operate controls that are part of the application it’s testing, but this limitation is particularly annoying with status bar notifications.