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Integrating React Native in an existing application

As I promised at the end of my previous article, “Writing an Android component for React Native”, here is the second approach for React Native and native Android code to live together (not) in peace and harmony and not blow apart.

Reactive selfies with Camera2 API on Android - Part 1

I will show an example of Camera2 API usage, which at present has been poorly documented and studied by the community. We’ll be using RXJava2 to tame this API. The second version of this popular library came out relatively recently, and not many examples are available.

Write an Android component for React Native

React Native has been the buzzword for a while now, but it has recently caught our attention. The main concerns that occurred to us were the size of the existing codebase (let’s say, sizeable), our highly customised classes to fit our needs and easiness of integration. I decided to test…

Breaking the limitation of Calabash-Android!

We have been using Calabash for automated testing at Badoo since before Appium existed. The stability of Calabash is great and it’s still faster compared to Appium, so we don’t want to migrate. But, to automate a feature-rich application like Badoo, we had to overcome the ‘only application UI’ limitation…

How to Dockerise Calabash-Android on Mac OS

One of our goal is to make it super easy for developers to run these tests in one command without going through the pain of setting up a test-scripting environment (Installing JDK, Android SDK, Ruby, and praying that nothing else has been added since the documentation was written).

Masking Bitmaps

In this article, I would like to analyse the tools available for Android developers which can be used to complete such tasks — and choose the most efficient of them.

Top 3 Badoo Android AMA

Our Android team just had their first Ask Me Anything (AMA), it was great! So we’re sharing our top 3 Android question and answers from Dima, Erik, Guillermo, Rich and Yaroslav.