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The painless way to collect statistics from a web-site

We know that analytics allows you to assess how effectively any web-site operates, to improve how it operates, and therefore to raise the level of sales and to improve user interaction with the site. But what do you do if the standard monitoring tools are inadequate?

WebRTC - Making a peer-to-peer game using JavaScript

As a rule, when people talk about WebRTC, they mean the organisation of audio and video connections, but this technology can also be used for other interesting things as well. I decided to try to make a peer-to-peer game and to share my experience in creating it.

How to teach a web app to speak 100 languages - the specifics of localisation

A key characteristic of online services these days is that they are accessed by users from all over the world speaking a multitude of languages. If you are developing this kind of service and want people worldwide to be able to use it then you’ll need your product translated and…