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What do a mobile QA and an octopus have in common?

It’s early morning, you are the mobile QA. You get ready for your day, and make yourself a strong coffee. You are about to test a couple of new features for your app, and you need to pick up some devices to check the new functionality. What devices should you…

How to Dockerise Calabash-Android on Mac OS

One of our goal is to make it super easy for developers to run these tests in one command without going through the pain of setting up a test-scripting environment (Installing JDK, Android SDK, Ruby, and praying that nothing else has been added since the documentation was written).

Learning from mistakes in the organisation of quality control

Three years ago, I started attending various IT conferences and giving talks about the processes and techniques we use for quality control. And naturally, after each talk, I spoke with people in the audience and took an interest in how they were doing things.