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iOS Architecture Patterns

Feeling weird while doing MVC in iOS? Have doubts about switching to MVVM? Heard about VIPER, but not sure if it worth it? Keep reading to find the answers to questions above.

How we made Chatto

Our chat was old, having evolved over the years into a massive view controller with weird fixes that nobody could understand. It was difficult to add new types of messages and new bugs were easily introduced. So we decided to rewrite it from scratch on Swift and make it open…

Parallel Calabash Testing on iOS

We want our users to have the same experience of Badoo on mobile regardless of which platform they run, so we have a battery of 450 Cucumber tests and growing that we run against all platforms: Android, iOS, and mobile web (we’re working to add Windows). These 450 tests take…

Let's build: Freehand Drawing in iOS - Part 3

This the third and final tutorial in which we build Freehand Drawing for iOS. In this part we’ll improve how the stroke looks and feels.

First Badoo Summer Internship Program

For the first time ever, Badoo has taken on an intern over the summer. We see it as an act of giving back, supporting young students in gaining relevant work experience and skills, while enjoying the pace of working for a big company. This internship program is our contribution to…

Let's build: Freehand Drawing in iOS - Part 2

This the second in a series of tutorials in which we build Freehand Drawing for iOS. In this part we’ll add undo functionality and the ability to draw dots.

Let's build: Freehand Drawing in iOS - Part 1

This post will be the first of a series in which we follow the development of a specific feature. We want to add to the great quantity of existing tutorials on the internet by sharing practical knowledge directly from our engineering team.

Code signing and distributing - Swift

At Badoo we’re slowly adopting the new programming language Apple introduced last year: Swift. Even though we don’t plan to write Swift-only apps for now, we do want to write isolated modules and learn while we deliver on our products.

iOS Code Injection

Code injection is a powerful tool to modify compiled applications at run-time. It’s possible to do in iOS and it can help in many situations. It’s not such a widespread technique so I want to talk about it and give some tips on how to use it.

A page control with style

When we set up to design the new Hot or Not version, our designers and developers came up with a really nice way to hint users that the photos they scroll horizontally, can be seen as a grid.

Scaling beyond one developer

Yesterday I gave a talk to the London iPhone Developer Group (#lidg) about the lessons we’ve learnt in the iOS team at Badoo as we’ve scaled the development team.