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Using regular expressions to hack our way towards AMDfication

Badoo’s MobileWeb project started in early 2012. Due to the initial pace of development, coding conventions and modularisation weren’t given priority. Most of the ‘modules’ lived inside a global object. As the project grew it became difficult to maintain and bugs became harder to track down. So after much internal…

Can you center a grid of images using only CSS?

In this article I’d like to discuss a UI problem I was faced with in the past, which I still have no elegant solution for. It seems completely reasonable for this problem to have a simple CSS solution, yet I have not been able to discover one so far. I…

Building a maintainable bi-directional cross platform protocol

Today I gave a talk along side Pavel Dovbush at (#jsconfeu) about our experiences building a cross platform api abstraction based on protobuf.

5 Advanced Javascript and Web Debugging Techniques You Should Know About

In this article we will discuss 5 advanced techniques which web developers can use to reduce the time they spend debugging and squash challenging bugs by using new tools available to us and taking advantage of the new features offered by debuggers.

JSConfEU 2013

A few of us here at Badoo were lucky enough to travel to Berlin in October for JSConfEU. It was a fantastic conference, the quality of the talks was incredibly high covering topics from the future of JavaScript, to why sometimes you need to draw animals. There were so many…

Type Checking in JavaScript

Here at Badoo we write a lot of JavaScript, our mobile web app contains about 60,000 lines of the stuff, and maintaining that much code can be challenging. One of the trickier aspects of working with a client side JavaScript application of this scale is avoiding exceptions. In this post…

Fixed Headers in Mobile Webapps

Note: This techniques in this article are now out of date due to various changes to iOS Safari and Chrome becoming the default WebView for Android.