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How Badoo saved one million dollars switching to PHP7

We did it! Hundreds of our application servers are now running on PHP7 and doing just fine. By all accounts, ours is only the second project of this scale (after Etsy) to switch to PHP7.

Code coverage at Badoo

This article was written over a year ago and since then code coverage estimation has continued to evolve. However the basic approach described in this article has become the standard, which has allowed us to almost double the number of tests without much hassle. Now there are almost 50,000 tests…

Migrating to PHP 5.5 and Unit Tests

Four years have passed since our migration from PHP 4.4 to PHP 5.3 at Badoo. It is high time to upgrade to a newer PHP, PHP 5.5. We’ve had many reasons to upgrade, apart from a number of new features, PHP 5.5 has greatly increased performance.