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Our Bounty Program at Badoo

Many IT companies now have their own bounty programs (i.e. programs that root out vulnerabilities), and Badoo is no exception.

Winium - Now for Windows Phone

There are no convenient open source automated testing tools for Windows Phone and Windows. The existing tools are proprietary, have limitations and suggest their own approach that would differ from conventional standards like Selenium WebDriver. In this post we will present Selenium compatible open source tools for Windows Phone automation….

Winium.Desktop - Selenium for Windows-based Desktop Applications

Hi there. My name is Gleb, and I do test automation in 2GIS. Over a year ago I published an article about one of our tools Cruciatus. We use it to test user interface for Windows-based desktop applications.

Mobile App Testing - Tips and Tricks

Our new article is in fact a list of tips and tricks. These tips will help beginners to progress faster while more experienced users will be able to streamline what they know. The article will also be useful for developers, product and project managers, and for anyone who would like…

Cross Platform Mobile Test Automation and Continuous Delivery

Badoo develops multiple products with native applications on all major mobile platforms - Android, iOS, Mobile Web (HTML5) and Windows. Our most popular product, called Badoo, has 250M+ registered users worldwide.

Testing Android notifications in Calabash

It’s generally understood that Calabash can only operate controls that are part of the application it’s testing, but this limitation is particularly annoying with status bar notifications.

Code coverage at Badoo

This article was written over a year ago and since then code coverage estimation has continued to evolve. However the basic approach described in this article has become the standard, which has allowed us to almost double the number of tests without much hassle. Now there are almost 50,000 tests…

Calabash Android - Unleash the power of Query

Calabash provides query method to get views/elements from screen. But query can do more than this. In this post, I’ll go through a few operations we can perform using the query method invocation option. This can be used for a range of tasks from updating simple views to calling system…

AIDA - Badoo's journey into Continuous Integration

It’s hardly news to anyone that product development and testing involves a lot of boring routine work, which can lead to human error. To avoid complications stemming from this, we use AIDA.